Open choral positions in Tullahoma

From Atticus Hensley, Fine Arts Coordinator for Tullahoma City Schools:

Tullahoma has two openings currently. East Middle School has a Choir/General Music position. The choir enrollment is over 100 (in a school of just over 400). Strong administrative support, dedicated rehearsal space, arts friendly schedule. This position is waiting for someone to settle in and own it. Tullahoma High School is a rebuilding project. Current total enrollment is under 60. The last ten years have been focused on show choir and nothing else. What the system wants is a robust concert choir program that can feed other special ensembles. This position must collaborate with the two middle school positions. The schedule in place now is a full year block with two 90 minute periods of choir at different skill levels, a 90 minute music appreciation (this could be replaced by time at the middle schools) and a 90 minute planning. If anyone wants more info have them use the contact below.    615.556.6306