2019-2020 Activities and Dates

The etva.org website has been updated to include a link to the new 2019-2020 Activities document.  The link is available on the main menu or by simply clicking here.

Some notes about the new format:

  1. We’re going to use this pdf document instead of an html webpage for the Activities Calendar this year. Maintaining the calendar in a pdf document affords us more sophisticated formatting and creates an instantly printable form for you to use.
  2. The information in the document is now organized by activity rather than date.  Previously, the information was presented in a strict calendar form, with events presented in chronological order.  In this new format, all dates associated with the major activities of the year are listed under the corresponding activity headings.  We think this will be much more helpful as you make your plans for the year.
  3. The pdf document has loads of live, clickable links in it!
  4. The Activities document has several Purchase Order Preparatory Worksheets appended to the back.  These are intended as planning aids to help you anticipate invoice amounts for each ETVA activity.

The dates in this document are official!  Any changes to the document will be announced via posts to this blog.

While the dates are official, the document’s formatting is a work in progress. Feel free to add comments to this post about what you like or would prefer to see changed!


  1. Has anyone else questioned the prep clinic being on a Monday, Aug 26? Should that be the 24th?

    Jim Kennedy Choral Music Director Powell High School (865) 938-2171 ext. 74686


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