Result of Audition Sight-reading Proposal

The proposed changes to the Audition Sight-reading procedure was passed by the membership.  As a result of this passage the following changes to the sight-reading procedure will be observed during the this year’s All-East/All-State Auditions:

C.     The chairman tells each student which of three 8 measure exercises they are to read.

D.     In the sight-reading room students will be given the following instructions: Once the CD is started you will hear the starting pitch, followed by the tonic chord of the exercise and then the starting pitch again. You will then have 45 seconds for silent or audible study of the exercise.  Following the 45-second study period you will once again hear the starting pitch, the tonic chord, and the starting pitch. You will then have 45 seconds to sing the exercise using either solfege, numbers, or a neutral syllable at whatever tempo you want. If, before completing the exercise you stop singing, you may restart one time and re-sing the exercise in its entirety but it must be done within the initial 45-second time frame.

For further clarification see page 8 of the Audition Policies on the ETVA website.

Executive Board Policy Proposal

The Auditions Sight-Reading Committee that was formed to review the sight-reading procedures for auditions has made the following proposal that has been approved by the Executive Board and is now being submitted to the membership for a vote of approval or non-approval.  If approved, this change would be effective for this year’s auditions.

The ETVA Executive Board proposes that 1) the audition sight-reading exercise be extended to 8 measures, 2) the study time be changed to 45 seconds, and 3) the performance time be changed to 45 seconds, along with necessary changes in the CD audio instructions.

ETVA members may vote to approve/non-approve of the proposed policy change by clicking this link and indicating their preference in the online form.  The form will accept responses through midnight, August 25, 2017

Members-Only Page Updated

Note–this blog post is unusually lengthy.  Please work your way through to the end.  Important stuff awaits you.

The Members Page on the website has been updated:

  1. The password has been changed to the new 2017-2018 password, and
  2. A link to download the part-learning mp3 files for the All-East audition pieces has been added to the page.

The updated password for the Members Page has been sent via email to members who have already renewed their membership for the 2017-2018 membership year.  If you haven’t received this email message, either

  • You haven’t yet renewed your membership.  It’s ok–you’re still in good company (along with the webmaster).  Go to the Join ETVA page (About–>Join ETVA), click the link to the form, and git-r-done. The September 1 deadline approaches.  You’ll receive a confirmation email with the shiny-new, oven-fresh password within a day or two.


  • You submitted an email address other than the one you’re checking (i.e., perhaps you used a personal email account instead of your work account when you renewed your membership).  Let me know if you want to change your contact information (

Dearly Beloved, some of you will be tempted to simply share the Members Page password with your students so they can have direct access to these mp3 files, and while the webmaster commends your instinct for efficiency and conservation of effort, he must insist that you resist all such temptations.  Distributing the password to your students will result in students having eventual access to the membership directory with home addresses and cell phone numbers, and that will result in toilet paper in trees, cow chips in yards, general mayhem, and the opening of the 3rd Seal of the Apocalypse.  Just.  Don’t.

If you need help downloading, extracting, and distributing these files, invite a student to help you after you access the page via the password.  Please.

All-East Middle School Repertoire Correction

The All East Page on the website has been updated to correct 2 errors in the repertoire list for the Middle School Honors Choir.

  • “Babethandaza” should be the Choristers Guild CGE210 edition, SATB voicing.
  • “The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky” should be the Victor C. Johnson arrangement, 3-part mixed voicing, Hal Leonard 00147376.